Fear Free Concierge Services

Many pets do NOT enjoy waiting in a busy lobby with other pets.  Why add to this anxiety?  We are implementing a Fear-Free Concierge service to address these concerns.  We are asking pet parents to limit how many people come inside the building with your pet and ask you to speak quietly when you come in.  We will come to your car and get you or text you when to come inside and your veterinary technician will lead you directly to your exam room.  No waiting room, lobby-right to the exam room.  The doctor will quietly join you in the exam room once you are settled and will have a supply of whipped cream, peanut butter and cheese to further reduce your pet’s stress. You can schedule your next appointment and even pay for your visit in that same exam room.  No shuffling around the hospital, no leash struggles and no crate carrying challenges around other pets.  It’s only you and your pet!  You will then be led out of the exam room and right back to your car.  No stress, no anxiety for pets and a hopefully smooth and relaxed experience for all!